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The PC900LC-11: An efficient and high-performing excavator

March 26, 2024
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An efficient and high-performing excavator like the PC900LC-11 is exactly what you need to help meet your demanding production targets. This workhorse combines exceptional power and digging capabilities with a counterweight removal system that makes this an easy-to-transport, versatile machine for a range of applications — heavy construction, demolition, material handling, deep sewer/water, large mass excavation and mining/quarry.

How does the PC900LC-11 compare*?

  • 10% more engine HP
    • Handle heavy-duty tasks more efficiently with faster digging, lifting and loading operations.
  • 48% more productive
    • More HP, a larger bucket and better hydraulics decrease cycle times.
  • 11% stronger bucket force
    • Tackle though materials like compacted soil, rocks and grave with efficiency and speed.
  • 11% increase in swing torque
    • Maneuver and position loads effectively, even in challenging terrain.
  • 40% more efficient
    • Tier 4 engine technology helps improve fuel efficiency while enhanced hydraulic circuits optimize energy use.
*compared to the PC800LC-11
Handle a wide variety of materials
Work effectively in tough conditions

You deserve to gain a competitive edge with an excavator that features improved engine power, crowd-digging force, swing torque, lift capacity and increased bucket size options.

The PC900LC-11 at a glance:

  • Fast cycle times
  • Effortless multifunction motions
  • Precise bucket movements
  • Exceptional lifting capabilities
  • Lowered overall boom height for easier transport
  • Optional mass excavation boom and arm configuration
  • Perfect four-pass match for the HM400-5 truck

Comfortable cab designed for operators

The operator cab is a large, low-noise and comfortable environment with a heated adjustable suspension seat.

Other machine features include:

  • Large high-resolution LCD monitor
  • KomVision bird’s-eye view camera system (standard)
  • Operator protective top guard (OPG), level 1 (ISO 10262)
  • Centrally located maintenance points and walkthroughs for easy access
  • LED lights (standard)
  • Smart Construction 3D guidance and payload monitoring system (optional)
quick specs
Engine power:
543 HP (405 kW)
Operating weight:
204,148 lbs. (92,600 kg)
Bucket capacity:
3.7-8.0 yd3 (2.8-6.1 m3)
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